Arising from the Jazz-Sector, Barakah is enriching its music with a variety of stylistic influences from around the world. Yet the band has managed to preserve a certain openness for musical styles like Hip-Hop, Funk, Rock and Metal and to artistically interweave these styles in their repertoire, with elements of North African Gnawa music and Latin American rhythms.

The musically diverse components are skillfully merged into an energetic and impulsive aesthetic. With all that comes a great joy in improvising and a slope to experimental concepts. In their quest for their identity, Barakah pushes their musical boundaries to explore new concepts and ideas.

Sherif Abdalla: drums

Paulo Correa: keys 

Martin Demmer: guitar 

Jakob Mayr: trombone

Thomas Milacher: bass 

Anton Prettler: reeds

Recorded at Treehouse Studios Vienna

Mix & Recording Director: Ken Rischard 

Master: Martin Siewert

Label: Jive Music